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What is the meaning of archeological in Hindi?

Meaning of archeological in Hindi is :

Definition of word archeological

  • Alternative spelling of archaeological. (adjective)

Examples of word archeological

  • Sala bases his work on real Maya images that have been uncovered in archeological sites throughout the Yucatán Peninsula.
  • Thus the avocado tree, a native of the Tehuacan Valley of Southern Mexico, whose seeds have been found in archeological ruins dating back to 8,000 BC, had spread as far north as the Rio Grande Valley and as far south as Peru by the time the Europeans arrived in the New World.
  • Shuangdun Tomb One is the first round tomb to be discovered in Chinese archeological history.
  • Map of El Tajin archeological site: Pictures of Mexico
  • There are hundreds of places in the proposed mining area that have been identified as archeological, historical and cultural sites.


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