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What is the meaning of archer in Hindi?

Meaning of archer in Hindi is : धनुषधारी

Definition of word archer

  • One who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow. (noun)
  • comparative form of arch: more arch (adjective)

Examples of word archer

    • The archer is not responsible; instead he has channeled spirituality in a manner ignorant of the confines of his self, and indifferent to the external effect.
    • From a laudable desire to assert the dignity of his theme, Procopius defends the soldiers of his own time against the morose critics, who confined that respectable name to the heavy-armed warriors of antiquity, and maliciously observed, that the word archer is introduced by Homer 8 as a term of contempt.
    • The second movement was called the archer because it separated the arms in a bow-stretching action.
    • The archer is a past master, but also a masterpiece, of devastating stillness.
    • The 1st apperance splash of the archer was a direct copy of my friend's character concept splash.
    • Iyarri Anatolian god of war and plagues, known as an archer “Lord of the Bow”, similar to Greek god Apollo.
    • He could see that the archer was a man of honor and fairness.
    • For example, he left out the fact that the archer was his ex-girlfriend who, by the way, was on Portland State's archery team and had a restraining order against her ex.