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What is the meaning of archery in Hindi?

Meaning of archery in Hindi is : धनुर्विद्या

Definition of word archery

  • The practice or sport of shooting arrows with a bow. (noun)
  • A group of archers. (noun)

Examples of word archery

    • Strength in archery is not only the muscle power required to draw a bow, but also to maintain balance and stay steady as you aim.
    • (In real life, she has competed in archery at the Olympics.)
    • Anyone under the age of 50 or someone with no disability should not be able to use a crossbow in archery season.
    • Crossboss are legal now in archery season here and one of our club's members got a high speed xbow and set it up in his rifle rest to sight it in.
    • Yes | No | Report from tbogg10 wrote 1 week 6 days ago wow i always thought the 30/06 was the most popular big game rifle, but archery is no surprise because of the amount of time it allows in the woods.


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