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What is the meaning of arches in Hindi?

Meaning of arches in Hindi is :

Definition of word arches

  • Plural form of arch. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of arch. (verb)

Examples of word arches

    • The great arches, and the groin ribs of the aisle ceilings were underset with new pillars; so that we get Early English _arches_ of the thirteenth century on Decorated
    • The Iron Bridge of only three arches is in great forwardness from Queen Stt to the Borough, and another is projected to cross the
    • You can also walk to the arches from the center of town, if you feel the need to exercise.
    • We dove at 100 feet amid coral pinnacles towering above us in arches and caves.
    • They had a parade and it took a long time ... there was flag waving, and they had pandals in arches across the road, and the people expressed their gratitude in no uncertain terms and we understood what they were trying to express despite the fact we didn't understand all they were saying.


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