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What is the meaning of architec in Hindi?

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Definition of word architec

Examples of word architec

  • The Minister also said that following recommendations made by the National Monu - ments Council, he expected legislation to be promulgated for the protection, maintenance and enhancement of the cultural, architec - tural, aesthetic and historical significance of the Island.
  • Most of the buildings on Cypress sported facades of English Tudor half-timber-ing, which made Pine Cove an anomaly among the coastal communit-ies of California with their predominantly Spanish-Moorish architec-ture.
  • The network architec - ture consists of a T1 backbone connecting hubs in Pitts - burgh, Philadelphia, and Allentown/Bethlehem, and a 56-Kbps connection to a hub in Scranton.
  • Gothic architecture with the older idea that architec - ture was the direct outgrowth of a society; in the effort to return to Gothic standards no mere mechanical copying of Gothic forms could suffice, for what was needed was to recapture the spirit of medieval civili - zation in its entirety.
  • Thus the Gothic cannot be defended as a universally valid period concept even in architec - ture, but is only applicable to ecclesiastical buildings, their decoration, and sphere of influence.


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