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What is the meaning of architected in Hindi?

Meaning of architected in Hindi is :

Definition of word architected

  • Simple past tense and past participle of architect. (verb)

Examples of word architected

  • As an architect, the kind that designs buildings, I don’t understand why the term architected has come into favor.
  • The policies that caused the current problem were all architected and championed by politicians on the Left.
  • Regional economic pacts will be critical to Afghanistan's long-term future but let's not make the same mistake made at Bonn, in which Afghanistan's future was architected under UN auspices which allowed other global actors an opportunity to dictate Afghan affairs.
  • Think the cloud as it is currently architected will save you?
  • Like you say, faces are already architected young and are still recognized 30 odd years later (in my case anyway) only to be touched by time.


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