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What is the meaning of archived in Hindi?

Meaning of archived in Hindi is :

Definition of word archived

  • Simple past tense and past participle of archive. (verb)
  • having been placed into an archive (adjective)

Examples of word archived

    • If you choose to remove your User Content, the license granted above will automatically expire, however you acknowledge that the Company may retain archived copies of your User Content.
    • As for archived data, there is little to no value in archived data for its account holders, yes.
    • I'd like to see Esquire, The Atlantic, and Scientific American in archived volumes.
    • The signal, which was buried in archived studies of a pair of small nearby galaxies called the Magellanic Clouds, was extremely strong and so oddly skewed that scientists believe it emanated from a cosmic event that took place about three billion light-years from Earth.
    • Oral arguments archived from the live webcast will be available here


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