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What is the meaning of ard in Hindi?

Meaning of ard in Hindi is : आर्ड

Definition of word ard

  • A simple plough consisting of a spike dragged through the soil. (noun)
    एक साधारण हल जिसमें एक स्पाइक होता है जिसे मिट्टी के माध्यम से खींचा जाता है।
  • Hot. (adjective)

Examples of word ard

    • How it must be with the poor devils for'ard is beyond conceiving.
    • And then comes the problem of how to convey power for'ard from the engine to the winch.
    • I lie reading in my bunk, which is on the weather side, and continually over my head during the long night hours impact the footsteps of one mate or the other, pacing up and down, and, as I well know, the man himself is for ever peering for'ard from the break of the poop, or glancing into the binnacle, or feeling and gauging the weight and direction of wind on his cheek, or watching the cloud-stuff in the sky adrift and a-scud across the stars and the moon.
    • In some soils, e.g. Vertisols in Ethiopia, the ard is the only implement used for soil preparation.
    • Th 'rayport fr'm th' Twinty-third Wa-ard, which is in th '
    • A.fred "Larry" Lorenz, the A. Louis Read distinguished professor of mass communication at Loyola University, has been given the Dux A.ademicus A.ard, which is presented annually to an outstanding teacher.