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What is the meaning of area in Hindi?

Meaning of area in Hindi is : स्थान

Definition of word area

  • A measure of the extent of a surface; it is measured in square units. (noun)
  • A particular geographic region. (noun)
  • Any particular extent of surface, especially an empty or unused extent. (noun)
  • Figuratively, any extent, scope or range of an object or concept. (noun)
  • An open space, below ground level, between the front of a house and the pavement. (noun)
  • penalty box; penalty area (noun)
  • genitals (noun)

Examples of word area

  • D. C.-area drivers put up with a lot: Jam-packed roads, distracted drivers and bottlenecked highways, but cars swerving into oncoming traffic just to shave a few seconds off the morning commute is a bit much for some in Arlington - even by area standards.
  • D. C.-area residents know how smart they are (a recent Brookings Institution report noted that area residents are the best educated in the country).
  • L. A.-area residents can determine if their home is within Sezmi's service coverage area at the startup's Web site.
  • # A text area: my $area = HTML:: Field-new ( 'Textarea', name = 'address', cols = 40, rows = 4);
  • We also went to the Baltimore area to avoid D. C.-area coin dealers, most of whom I have met before.


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