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What is the meaning of argot in Hindi?

Meaning of argot in Hindi is : वर्गबोली

Definition of word argot

  • A secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps and vagabonds. (noun)
  • The specialized informal vocabulary and terminology used between people with special skill in a field, such as between doctors, mathematicians or hackers; a jargon. (noun)

Examples of word argot

    • Oh well, the stir, or the pen, as they call it in convict argot, is a training school for philosophy.
    • And by "the peg," in the argot, is meant the place where a free meal may be obtained.
    • Slim Gaillard's Vout dictionary: jazz hipster argot from the 30s
    • “You see?” he asked in pidgin argot; a tongue that owed something to Persian, Caerdicci and Hellene alike; zenyan, it was called, but I learned that later.
    • Good enough, but it misses the pun: "potted meat" was Dublin argot for sex.