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What is the meaning of argument in Hindi?

Meaning of argument in Hindi is : स्वतंत्र चर

Definition of word argument

  • A fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason. (noun)
  • A verbal dispute; a quarrel. (noun)
  • A process of reasoning. (noun)
  • A series of propositions organized so that the final proposition is a conclusion which is intended to follow logically from the preceding propositions, which function as premises. (noun)
  • The independent variable of a function. (noun)
  • A value, or reference to a value, passed to a function. (noun)
  • A parameter in a function definition; an actual parameter, as opposed to a formal parameter. (noun)
  • Any of the phrases that bears a syntactic connection to the verb of a clause. (noun)

Examples of word argument

  • From this perspective, Russell's argument might seem akin to the Ëœargumentâ„¢ that calculus has eliminated the variable, because the word does not appear in the equations!
  • III. i.3 (276,7) [an absent argument] An _argument_ is used for the
  • Concerntug the v* - trade* the force of my argument goes no farther than this; — that its Juppftfliou, by the ISrihfli government only, other nations continuing the trade as ufua % who would of cotirfe felSC on what we funender, would anfwer the purpofes of humanity, cither to the negroes tn Africa, or to thofe already in the Weft Indies; and I have quoted* in fupport of this opinion, the authoiitiesof men (naval commander! and others) who arc intimately acquainted with the trade, though no ways intended in its continuance; and I have not yet met with any evidence or argument* to Kivtttdate their testimony.
  • McLaughlin (1984, 1995) calls this style of argumentation Ëœargument by appeal to a false implied supervenience thesisâ„¢ ” or, for short, argument by appeal to a FIST.
  • The reason this argument is absurd is that it totally ignores the main argument for increasing out-of-pocket health care costs: that people use too much expensive health care when the marginal cost of care is very low.