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What is the meaning of argumentative in Hindi?

Meaning of argumentative in Hindi is : विवादप्रिय/तार्किक

Definition of word argumentative

  • prone to argue or dispute (adjective)

Examples of word argumentative

  • As a consequence of a psychological phenomenon that might be called "argumentative reasoning," we're very skillful at arguing a particular case.
  • But to say if some of them owned slaves or thought of women or minorities as less than equal, then that must mean they were wrong on the 2nd, is just plain argumentative.
  • It was one of the toughest assignments of senior year -- a 4,000-word argumentative essay on a controversial topic.
  • Relevant to this discussion is the phenomenon of the so-called argumentative child.
  • This again is to say that it is due to the badness of the audience when his rhetoric includes aspects which are not in line with the idea of argumentative and pertinent rhetoric. (iii) In dealing with methods of traditional rhetoric Aristotle obviously assumes that even methods which have traditionally been used instead of argumentation can be refined so that they support the aim of an argumentative style of rhetoric.


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