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What is the meaning of aristocracy in Hindi?

Meaning of aristocracy in Hindi is : श्रेष्ठ जनों के द्वारा राज्य शासन

Definition of word aristocracy

  • The nobility, or the hereditary ruling class (noun)
  • Government by such a class, or a state with such a government (noun)
  • A class of people considered (not normally universally) superior to others (noun)

Examples of word aristocracy

  • Let no one exclaim against aristocracy; were we all perfectly _equal to-day_, there would be an _aristocracy to-morrow_.
  • The agenda of the aristocracy is the destruction of western civilization.
  • Rousseau's preference was for what he calls aristocracy, a government of the most wise and experienced.
  • On one side the ultras, whose objection to transfer a portion of the Royal authority to what they call the aristocracy, occupy nearly all the posts which influence the operations of the electoral assemblies.
  • "You have no doubt remarked," said Florestan, with a smile, "that the persons assembled here this evening do not belong to what we call the aristocracy --"


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