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What is the meaning of armour in Hindi?

Meaning of armour in Hindi is : हथियारबंद गाड़ी

Definition of word armour

  • Alternative spelling of armor. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of armor. (verb)

Examples of word armour

    • The distinct lack of boobs in the armour is a good thing, I cant stress this enough
    • Christian armour is called the armour of God, Eph. vi.
    • As the sense of ‘breathing-placeÂ’ appears to be inapplicable to the earliest use of the word (see sense 1) in French and English, the name may originally have been given to the piece of armour from a real or fancied resemblance to some other article so designated.
    • At close range firearms would pierce even plate armour, which led to the retirement of plate armour from the field (obsolete).
    • But there is no second hand market in armour ... well suits, over here.
    • I like the fact that the texture on the armour is so beautifully detailed and realistic that you could charge schoolchildren 50p per time to make brass rubbings from it.
    • Cosimo was an able bureaucrat, not a soldier, so the armour is fancy dress, but this image says "invincible Machiavellian prince".
    • Our amazing yellow (but not hi vis) armour is also manufactured with a heat management system.
    • Caelen, all good points, but cylon armour is very thick/dense, as for the psychological side, these things rip the guy next to you into something barely resembling a sack of red goo, just for fear tactics, even hardnut trained soldiers will flinch at that.
    • Is it me or does anyone else think Hi-Vis body armour is a bit pathetic?