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What is the meaning of army in Hindi?

Meaning of army in Hindi is : सेना

Definition of word army

  • A large, highly organized military force, concerned mainly with ground (rather than air or naval) operations. (noun)

Examples of word army

  • ARMY: I was looking at General Abizaid's testimony, and then subsequent to that action, the testimony from the army chief of staff, comments from General George Casey, about the situation in Iraq, in essence saying do not send more troops there.
  • As the matter turned out, the British contingent was really dealing first and last with four army corps, and the essential part of the news conveyed was that the extreme western portion of this large German force _was attempting to turn the flank of the whole army_.
  • The question arises: _Whence came this second army of workers to replace the first army_?
  • French army is eminently civic, and nations who take their ideas from the very opposite fact of a _standing army_ are far from understanding how absolutely a French soldier and French citizen are the same thing.
  • From an American newspaper I find that a certain English intelligence had been propagated through the United States, that, at the head of fifteen hundred officers or non-commissioned officers, I was going to embark for America, and that, with soldiers of your army embodied under them, I wanted to teach military discipline throughout the _American army_.
  • For the operation to be executed, there wasn´t any need for an army, and 50 people do not consist in an ´army´; English Usage is definitely another weak point of the lawless lawyer Kipkorir.
  • _confined in wicked places_ (parallel with hell-bendum fäst), 3073. herigean, w.v. w.dat. of pers., _to provide with an army, to support with an army_: pres. sg.
  • _confined in wicked places_ (parallel with hell-bendum fæst), 3073. herigean, w.v. w.dat. of pers., _to provide with an army, to support with an army_: pres. sg.
  • _army_, there never was any thing of an army _established_ in England till within a hundred years.
  • "The hypnotism of the army is so artfully applied that the most free-thinking and rational person will, _so long as he is in the army_, always do what is demanded of him.