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What is the meaning of around in Hindi?

Meaning of around in Hindi is : हर ओर

Definition of word around

  • Defining a circle or closed curve containing a thing. (preposition)
  • Following the perimeter of a specified area and returning to the starting point. (preposition)
  • Following a path which curves near an object, with the object on the inside of the curve (preposition)
  • Near; in the vicinity of. (preposition)
  • At various places in. (preposition)
  • Alive; existing. (adjective)
  • Generally. (adverb)
  • From place to place, or from one place to another (adverb)
  • Partially or completely rotated, including to face in the opposite direction. (adverb)

Examples of word around

  • Moon-girl spins around& around  drunk on her outrageous momentum  as if she could make the world rotate
  • Which is stupid, considering the drivers around here A: Don't normally stop for people and in fact have been caught trying to sneak ~around~ them and B: I've been nicked several times and almost hit three times different instances last summer attempting to obey the biking laws, none of those for mistakes on my part as I've been scared shitless at the lack of aware driving that's crept over my town.
  • Which is, of course, the "classic" approach - well, at least around here - for free content: making money *around* the free stuff.
  • But he missed the lesson about \'what goes around comes around\ '.
  • I wish I had not ever messed around with her because now every time we work together Danie thinks we are messing around… but were not… we just have fun being friends.
  • You know, there are just certain things that can only be talked about with the girls. ** big smile** Mi querido showed up around 11: 30, and there were more daiquiris to go around…
  • She's so fat when she lies around the house, she lies *around* the house.
  • And now spoons are descending from above, men are churning around and around .
  • As he heard the clatter of hoofs behind him he looked around and saw a dozen red-skins coming in pursuit, and felt confident that he must have dashed by an ambush they were preparing for him, by suddenly changing his course and riding _around_ instead of _through_ a canyon.
  • (link) *dances you around and around and around*(Reply to this) (Parent)