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What is the meaning of arouse in Hindi?

Meaning of arouse in Hindi is : सचेत करना

Definition of word arouse

  • To stimulate feelings. (verb)

Examples of word arouse

  • Country Road, "or something equally simple, for I would not have the title arouse any appetite which the book itself could not satisfy.
  • Following the links as the descriptive page titles arouse your interest can keep you occupied for quite a while.
  • * By "arouse," I don't mean sexually, I am referring to Marvel and DC's ongoing use of "events" and "deaths" to arouse interest in SCSJ** instead of quality comic book storytelling that would attract a far wider audience.
  • He could "arouse" life in me, because he was so refreshing to be around.
  • 'arouse' the millions of Nintendo's core gamers that also own Wiis and felt understandably uninspired by the announcement of the Vitality Sensor.
  • The fact that there are 12,000,000 defectives in the US should arouse our best endeavors to push this procedure to the maximum.
  • It helps explain why, in these hard times, she and her legacy arouse even more interest than they did in the boom era at the end of the 20th century.
  • “The use of the word ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims may arouse sensitivity and create confusion among Muslims in the country,” Abdullah Mohd Zin said.
  • She is not the woman to arouse in me such uncontrolled desire that for gratification I would do one ill deed, or put the slightest hurt upon the least of human creatures.