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What is the meaning of aroused in Hindi?

Meaning of aroused in Hindi is : भड़का हुआ

Definition of word aroused

  • Simple past tense and past participle of arouse. (verb)

Examples of word aroused

  • When the new French play "L'Article 47" was announced, the title aroused any amount of curiosity.
  • The title aroused much discussion, and Forster said he thinks it might be a positive thing for the movie.
  • Interest was once again aroused in her work, and although they had long since fallen out as lovers, Nin contacted Miller after fifteen years of silence to ask if she could publish their letters.
  • In 2008 with charisma galore Palin aroused an adoring pubilc when she energized the McCain campaign.
  • I do a fair amount of self-Googling to see how my columns are doing, so I grimaced when someone sharing my name aroused brief indignation for his comments about Barack Obama and John McCain.
  • The fact remains that the mere sound of her name aroused in the Baron the most violent rage, provoked the most eloquent but the most terrible philippics.
  • The intensity in his expression aroused the passion simmering inside her.
  • Obviously this answer, especially coming in English, aroused the person's suspicion, for he quickly turned on his heels and walked back in the direction from which he had come.
  • Well, Gentlemen, I did not intend to speak half as long as this -- but the fact of the matter is that Mr. Martin aroused so many reflections upon this question which did not occur to me before I came, that I have been tempted to speak far too much.