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What is the meaning of arpeggios in Hindi?

Meaning of arpeggios in Hindi is :

Definition of word arpeggios

  • Plural form of arpeggio. (noun)

Examples of word arpeggios

  • I also told you already that the notes in question usually are "arpeggios", which are the notes of a chord played in sequence, instead of all at once.
  • The data base from which the app chooses arpeggios is a linked bifurcated system where the computer "knows" which upper structures are consonant with which lower structures so the chords can move in leap-frog fashion: top notes can remain when lower notes change or vice versa because the moves are guaranteed to make harmonic sense.
  • With the glistening, rippling runs and arpeggios at which he excels, he played a chamber arrangement, accompanied by players from his Berlin Staatskapelle orchestra.
  • Hojun Lee's Arirang Fantasie had a hiker traversing Korea's most famous mountain peak in music perhaps a little too sweetly Westernized with consonant harmonies and twinkling piano arpeggios in a manner equivalent to Thomas Kinkade's idyllic paintings.
  • There was a bounce in his step and he whistled a high-pitched tune — full of sharp corners and feverish, screeching arpeggios.


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