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What is the meaning of array in Hindi?

Meaning of array in Hindi is : सारणी

Definition of word array

  • To clothe and ornament; to adorn or attire (verb)
    कपड़े और आभूषण के लिए; सजाना या पहनाना
  • Clothing and ornamentation. (noun)
    वस्त्र और अलंकरण।

Examples of word array

    • In this case, usort () will pass the array as the single argument to the function you define. array_pop (array & $array)
    • Array Manipulation push adds a new element to the end of an array push @array, $value; pop removes and returns the last element in an array
    • Location: The Garden State where arrayData is the request key they're expecting. i think you need to get more information from whoever you're posting this data to, as it sounds like they might be expecting it in a specific format (ie an array in PHP isn't exactly what you need from print_r ($array)) are sure they're PHP on the other end? that s a good point.
    • $_ = $line; my @array = split (m/s/, $line); my $hashRef = recur (@array); my $arrRef = $_ [0]; my @procArr = @$arrRef; shift (@tmpArr); my $arr = $procArr [0]
    • * @param mixed $value Value to use for filling function array_fill_keys ($keys, $value) $array = array (); foreach ($keys as $key) $array [$key] = $value; return $array;
    • $value = pop @array; shift and unshift do the same for the start of an array
    • Thanked 170 Times in 170 Posts public function collectUserData () {$array = array (); $array [] = $this - > getUserIp (); $array []
    • ERCC1, that is not represented on the expression array used in the team's experiments.