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What is the meaning of arrow in Hindi?

Meaning of arrow in Hindi is : शर

Definition of word arrow

  • Contraction of ever a. (phrase)
  • A projectile consisting of a shaft, a point and a tail with stabilizing fins that is shot from a bow. (noun)
  • To move swiftly and directly (like an arrow) (verb)

Examples of word arrow

  • LESSON XXXII. re'gion, _place; space_. furze, _a thorny shrub with yellow flowers_. list'eth, _wishes; pleases_. mirth, _joy; fun_. boon, _gay; merry_. shaft, _an arrow; the stem of an arrow_. up borne ', _held or borne up_. crest'ing, _touching the tops of_.
  • This apples-to-apples test requires a manufacturer to shoot a 350-grain arrow from a bow set at 70# with a 30 draw length.
  • With a crossbow the arrow is already drawn thus taking away the only real chance the animal has to bust you other than scent.
  • The man with the arrow is the man who gave us his extra tickets.
  • With the compound bows in use today, the arrow is actually travelling quite fast.
  • I agree that the pain they feel from getting shot by an arrow is minimal, much less than one would think.
  • If your shooting 45 lbs and your bow is slow, then there will be a HUGE drop in arrow flight from 20 to 30 yards.