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What is the meaning of arsenic in Hindi?

Meaning of arsenic in Hindi is : हरताल

Definition of word arsenic

  • A nonmetallic chemical element (symbol As) with an atomic number of 33. (noun)
  • Of, or containing arsenic with a valence of 5. (adjective)

Examples of word arsenic

    • The name arsenic comes from the Greek word arsenikon, which means orpiment.
    • Reed believes her son has reason to worry because "arsenic is poison."
    • However, the regulator, usually a lawyer, knows that arsenic is a poison.
    • Can we at least agree that a “regulator” can say that consuming arsenic is not “good” for someone?
    • The toxic compounds in arsenic are arsenate and arsenite.
    • Discovered in the southeastern U.S. by university researchers, this beautiful fern has a unique ability to soak up arsenic from the ground into its fronds, which may be clipped and disposed of safely.
    • Use the edenfern soil cleaner if you know arsenic is in the ground, or even 'just in case' - because whether or not arsenic is present, the fern serves as an attractive addition to a lawn or garden.