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What is the meaning of arterial in Hindi?

Meaning of arterial in Hindi is : मुख्य मार्गीय

Definition of word arterial

  • Of or relating to an artery. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to a route, major. (adjective)
  • A through road. (noun)

Examples of word arterial

  • The ad says the drink leads to a "30% decrease in arterial plaque" and "17% improved blood flow."
  • The bus driver was speeding down a side street and ran full force across a main arterial, again against a light.
  • One can conclude from this and from many other analogous facts that, when appreciable capillary dilation occurs, it cannot be because of a simple rise in arterial blood pressure but must depend on change in condition of the capillary walls - a relaxation of their contractile elements.
  • Thus an increase in arterial pressure in the internal carotid stimulates a number of nerve terminals in the walls of the sinus and produces a reflex which is transmitted by the ninth pair of cranial nerves, the glossopharyngeal nerves, and reaches the territories of the vagus and vaso-motor nerves.
  • The second group as a main arterial road was somewhat more, but less than average, intersectional interference and the third could be classified as a more ordinary arterial road.


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