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What is the meaning of arteriole in Hindi?

Meaning of arteriole in Hindi is : धमनिका

Definition of word arteriole

  • One of the small branches of an artery, especially one that connects with capillaries. (noun)

Examples of word arteriole

  • Pulmonary arteriole muscularization in lambs with diaphragmatic hernia after combined tracheal occlusion/glucocorticoid therapy.
  • And for a variety of reasons, Dr. Ridker decided that it had to be a process called inflammation, and what his basic research showed that the inflammation of the arteriole wall led to these clogs in these arteries becoming unstable, and they would burst, and that would cause a clot, and that would lead to a heart attack.
  • If you put them into reverse, we will just back out of this capillary and eventually -- not a very long eventually, either -- we will be back at the junction point and in the arteriole again.
  • Nor was he biting his nails over the fate of Shapirov and yet -- Tapping his own emotions, it occurred to him that having come thus far, having been miniaturized and finding himself in a small cerebral arteriole, he suddenly had an urge to check out his theories.
  • The wall of the arteriole had been abraded by the injury and was not entirely blocked by the clot which embraced the section of nerve fibers and cells tightly.


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