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What is the meaning of artful in Hindi?

Meaning of artful in Hindi is : निपुण

Definition of word artful

  • Performed with, or characterized by, art or skill. (adjective)
  • Artificial; imitative. (adjective)
  • Using or exhibiting much art, skill, or contrivance; dexterous; skillful. (adjective)

Examples of word artful

  • She looks closely at the aqua and maroon forms stirring on the empty background, the seasons of her life written in artful prose across her face.
  • Using the tilt of the Sixaxis, you stir the petal of a flower on the breeze, and as you touch other opening blooms on your way, your single pale curl is joined by gradually more colorful petals, eventually assembling the sort of floral cloud seen in artful visions of springtime cherry blossom breezes.
  • Interrogation, at its most artful, is a contest of wits.
  • Hamilton weaves memorable characters and elemental emotions in artful prose with the lofty theme of Western-imposed "education" versus a village's perceived perils of exposure to the developed world.
  • If it wasn't entirely lacking in artful display, I'd say they'd aged it, to take off the new shine.


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