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What is the meaning of article in Hindi?

Meaning of article in Hindi is : सामान

Definition of word article

  • A part or segment of something joined to other parts, or, in combination, forming a structured set. (noun)
  • A story, report, or opinion piece in a newspaper, magazine, journal, internet etc. (noun)
  • A member of a group or class (noun)
  • An object. (noun)
  • A part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun (a, an, or the in English). In some languages the article may appear as en ending (e.g. definite article in Swedish) or there may be none (e.g. Finnish, Estonian). (noun)
  • A section of a legal document, bylaws, etc. (noun)
  • A person. (noun)
  • A wench. A prime article = A handsome girl. (noun)
  • To study or train to become qualified, especially in the legal profession. (verb)
  • To bind by articles of apprenticeship. (verb)

Examples of word article

  • An article is placed before a substantive to limit or determine its meaning; the articles are _a_, _an_, and _the_; _a_ or _an_ is called the _indefinite article_, because it does not point out any particular object: _the_ is called the _definite article_ because it determines what particular object is meant.
  • The Berlin article is about how liberal (and the best among us!) wind up illiberal.
  • The title article calls for “retrenchment” in the “humanitarian missions” abroad that are consuming the country’s wealth, so as to arrest the American decline that is a major theme of international affairs discourse, usually accompanied by the corollary that power is shifting to the East, to China and maybe India.
  • No where in article is TDK mentioned, so I can't imagine why the haters would bring it up.
  • The main article is by Simon Kernick, chair of this year's programming committee.


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