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What is the meaning of articling in Hindi?

Meaning of articling in Hindi is :

Definition of word articling

  • Present participle of article (verb). (verb)

Examples of word articling

  • I wonder how good articling is for his mental health now.
  • The problem with articling is that the Law Societies recognize that there just aren’t enough positions to go around.
  • My contract for articling next August states that I must pass the bar exam to begin articling.
  • In what's been called an "articling crisis," 12 per cent of Ontario law school graduates were unable to get articling jobs in 2011, according to statistics from the Law Society of Upper Canada.
  • And the -- and the court was -- you know, just very firm about kind of articling that there was no excuse for not -- for not letting same-sex couples marry.


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