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What is the meaning of artifice in Hindi?

Meaning of artifice in Hindi is : शिल्पकार

Definition of word artifice

  • A crafty but underhanded deception. (noun)
  • A trick played out as an ingenious, but artful, ruse. (noun)
  • A strategic maneuver that uses some clever means to avoid detection or capture. (noun)
  • A tactical move to gain advantage. (noun)

Examples of word artifice

  • But thinking through the poem's artifice is only one way into it, and on the poem's own terms it is not necessarily a better path than the one pointed to by the rhetorical question of the
  • This declaration of artifice is to the point because it both invests in the power of representation and recognizes its limitations.
  • Maybe so, but I think there's also a sense in which readers of fantastic fiction become attuned to these irrationalities, such that when realist writers do introduce them as purportedly naturalistic events, the artifice is obvious.
  • Spark, I think, would reply that the novelist can do nothing else, because she simply has this power over her characters; not to admit it, to hide that control in fathoms of agreeable artifice, is to act in bad faith.
  • We think of the fecundity in artifice with which those of better brain,. no matter how they were handicapped by law, would still outwit those of poorer brain, showing an intensified bitterness born of the class struggle in whose ruthlessness they had been bidden to believe.


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