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What is the meaning of artificer in Hindi?

Meaning of artificer in Hindi is : शिल्पी

Definition of word artificer

  • Someone who is skilled in their trade; an artisan. (noun)
  • An inventor. (noun)
  • A member of the military who specializes in manufacturing and repairing weapon systems. (noun)
  • A trickster. (noun)
  • A savant. (noun)

Examples of word artificer

  • What kind of maudlin artificer do they think God is?
  • When we found it was public, we were more concerned to prevent their suspecting that we had any design to conceal it, and openly telling our thoughts of it, we called our artificer, who agreed presently that it was gold; so I proposed that we should all go with the prince to the place where he found it, and if any quantity was to be had, we would lie here some time and see what we could make of it.
  • On being told these terms the artificer stipulated that he should be allowed the use of his horse Svadilfari, and this by the advice of
  • The advertisement was sandwiched between a reader advertising a doctor of physick and one for an "artificer," the latter being a ladies 'hair-dresser.
  • For every one of the four horns there was a cleaving "artificer" to beat it down.


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