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What is the meaning of artificial in Hindi?

Meaning of artificial in Hindi is : बनावटी

Definition of word artificial

  • Man-made; of artifice. (adjective)
  • False, misleading. (adjective)
  • Unnatural. (adjective)

Examples of word artificial

  • The distinction between artificial and natural virtues that dominates the virtue ethics of the Treatise is almost entirely absent from the moral Enquiry; the term Ëœartificialâ„¢ occurs in the latter only once in a footnote.
  • Even I, the anti-geek, am familiar with the term artificial intelligence.
  • This flattering promise of computing by Minsky had received a severe beating by history, in that, more than a generation later, by 2000's, "the failed promises ofAIcontinue to haunt AI research, as the New York Times reported in 2005: 'Computer scientists and software engineers avoided the term artificial intelligence for fear of being viewed as wild-eyed dreamers.'"
  • He doesn't like the term "artificial intelligence," but that's what he's talking about -- an algorithm that keeps learning, growing and improving its performance.
  • The idea of simulating human intelligence had been discussed for decades, but the term "artificial intelligence" - originally used to help raise funds to support the conference - stuck.


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