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What is the meaning of artificiality in Hindi?

Meaning of artificiality in Hindi is : कृत्रिमता

Definition of word artificiality

  • The quality of being artificial or produced unnaturally. (noun)
  • Something artificial. (noun)

Examples of word artificiality

    • This question of naturalness as opposed to artificiality is not immediately pertinent to our problem, nor is the matter of optimism and pessimism, nor the biologic idea of survival.
    • But this would be hopelessly burdensome, so budgets are used instead. we might argue that the cost of this artificiality is less than than the cost of weighing everything on an organization-wide basis.
    • Instead they create a certain artificiality with which to sift through reality until it reaches its purest possible form.
    • We seek artificiality, which is an organized and optimized signal coming from an astronomical environment from which neither it nor anything like it is either expected or observed: Very modest complexity, found out of context.
    • Shostak wrote: "We seek artificiality, which is an ** organized and optimized signal**"


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