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What is the meaning of artificially in Hindi?

Meaning of artificially in Hindi is : कृ्त्रिम रुप से

Definition of word artificially

  • In an artificial manner. (adverb)

Examples of word artificially

  • This is what I refer to as artificially constraining legislation.
  • Hachette has become the latest publisher to announce that it was done with what it calls the artificially depressed e-book prices imposed by Amazon.
  • Fossil fuels remain artificially cheap because we don't have to make them; we simply withdraw them from the global account, clean and purify them a bit, and burn them up.
  • If the foreclosure process is halted and lending practices are thoroughly investigated, it might eventually force bankers to own up to their own lawlessness -- and write down billions of dollars in artificially inflated assets.
  • They live in artificially lit shanty-arcologies and depend on shipment piracy for survival.


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