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What is the meaning of artisanal in Hindi?

Meaning of artisanal in Hindi is :

Definition of word artisanal

  • Of or pertaining to artisans or the work of artisans. (adjective)
  • Involving skilled work, with comparatively little reliance on machinery. (adjective)
  • Made by an artisan (skilled worker). (adjective)

Examples of word artisanal

  • Mr. Burmeister started in what he calls "artisanal cinema" late in life, after working as a sculptor, French professor, perfume maker, chef and puppeteer.
  • 'Artisanal' label is desperate bid to appeal to finicky consumer Monday, November 21 2011, 10:25 AM Campbell's is one of several manufacturers using the selling power of the word 'artisanal' in new food launches, like the company's Harvest Orange Tomato Soup.
  • A confirmed chocolate addict, Jennifer takes people on half-day tours of the main artisanal producers in London's Mayfair, Chelsea and Notting Hill.
  • Besides, the market for “craft bread” is so small, he says, that rather than squabble, bakers should do their best to help each other increase sales and steal back sales from the industrial producers that caught on to the idea that “artisanal” bread sells (“I hate the word artisanal”).
  • But as iconic as a character like Fred Dobbs may be, one doesn't come across many of these self-employed, so-called artisanal miners in America today.


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