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What is the meaning of artistic in Hindi?

Meaning of artistic in Hindi is : कलाप्रेमी

Definition of word artistic

  • having or revealing creative skill (adjective)
  • relating to or characteristic of art or artists (adjective)
  • aesthetically pleasing (adjective)

Examples of word artistic

  • I was too young to know the term artistic license, but I understood the concept.
  • No, because there is no fixed definition for the term artistic or creative?
  • Only once you have carried out what I call an artistic marketing evaluation I don't mean the design, looking at the web site through the eyes of the customer, and done all you could to improve the value to that customer, should you attempt to use SEO tools to polish the site's technical aspects.
  • I was afraid you might point out inconsistencies, because my memory is a bit foggy, but hey let's call it artistic freedom, right?
  • Rather touchingly, inspiration does return in his final years, but Mr. Houellebecq can only describe at a distance the saving graces of what he calls "artistic emotion"—his own cold, clinical writing is never able to activate it.


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