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What is the meaning of artless in Hindi?

Meaning of artless in Hindi is : सरल

Definition of word artless

  • Having or displaying no guile, cunning, or deceit. (adjective)
  • Free of artificiality; natural. (adjective)
  • Lacking art, knowledge, or skill; uncultured and ignorant. (adjective)
  • Poorly made or done; crude. (adjective)

Examples of word artless

  • Madame Draga's establishment was a meeting-ground for naked truths and over-dressed fictions, and it was here, the Woman felt, that she might make a final effort to recall the artless mendacity of past days.
  • The scene, so highly interesting to those who witnessed it, was to him insupportable, and he had left the room in agony, bitterly inveighing against his own folly, for having suffered it to take place, and secretly denouncing future vengeance upon the usurper of his rights, for so he basely termed the artless Yamboo.
  • It is fair to call the narrative a technology because it is frequently described as "artless"; that is, it seems to work without the application of a designing mind.
  • In Sky I first observed the use of Brogues, a kind of artless shoes, stitched with thongs so loosely, that though they defend the foot from stones, they do not exclude water.
  • They are "artless" only insofar as they embody an aesthetic distinct from the abbey's inventory of images made by professional artists.


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