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What is the meaning of asafoetida in Hindi?

Meaning of asafoetida in Hindi is : हींग

Definition of word asafoetida

Examples of word asafoetida

  • A member of the family Apiaceae, which also contains parsley, dill, coriander, carrot, cumin, anise and celery, the resin of asafoetida is obtained by bleeding the thick, milky juice present in the stems of the plant.
  • Efforts were also made to drive him out with filthy and rank-smelling drugs; and, among those which can be mentioned in a printed article, we may name asafoetida, sulphur, squills, etc., which were to be burned under his nose.
  • Sneak's gun was likewise still heard at regular intervals, and what seemed an extraordinary matter to Joe was that Sneak should yell out something or other about the "asafoetida," and "moccasin tracks," after every discharge.
  • I have the samosa recipe linked at the end of this post, btw:) and you can safely try this without 'asafoetida', so don't let that discourage you:)D sonu - 250 is really atrocious! we get it for 149 in US!
  • The entree, organic green lentil and brown rice risotto, was pure comfort food, graced with Hamakua tomatoes and seasoned with turmeric, cumin, salt and asafoetida, a vegetable gum.
  • Prepare the seasoning by spluttering mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, split green chilies.
  • Then follow by adding asafoetida, mustard seeds and curry leaves in that order.
  • Add oil and do the tadka/seasoning with mustard, slit green chili and asafoetida.