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What is the meaning of ashame in Hindi?

Meaning of ashame in Hindi is :

Definition of word ashame

  • To make ashamed. (verb)

Examples of word ashame

  • Its ashame I can't prove that I was a POW because according to our great government I was only being held for transport + its not even on my DD214.
  • In any case, this is a great catch, but it is ashame that it comes from a country where the largemouth is considered a trash fish and they serve it n the menu in the restaurant on Lake Biwa where it was caught.
  • This would be ashame if they split up but you know when those rumors start going around there is usually some truth to them.
  • It would be ashame to let it waste away in a gun safe!
  • Now Mormons should be ashame of Glenn Beck representing them.
  • It'd be ashame to lose another team at this point.
  • It is ashame, the man did not quit while he was looked upon as the “Maverick”.
  • That is ashame and I think she should sue, but at the same time the private party should be able to exclude whoever they want for whatever reasons they want.
  • It would be ashame for the boy to think all vaccines are bad based on an experience that is most likely unrelated. leftover