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What is the meaning of ashamed in Hindi?

Meaning of ashamed in Hindi is : संकुचित

Definition of word ashamed

  • Feeling shame or guilt. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of ashame. (verb)

Examples of word ashamed

    • I walked across the floor and I felt ashamed of my thinness and my ugliness and _I know that he knew that I was ashamed_.
    • I think the one that should be ashamed is Michael Steele.
    • The news media has the maturity level of a spoiled adolescent – you know the type of kid that is alway calling someone names and making fun and is deep down in ashamed of themselves but just can't grow up.
    • Anon still hasn't either learned to read or click through, greatly ashamed is what a conservative said he would feel as a member of VT.
    • The sweeping statement that healthy people who stay in welfare must be ashamed is flatly wrong


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