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What is the meaning of ask in Hindi?

Meaning of ask in Hindi is : मांगना

Definition of word ask

  • The first male human, according to the Poetic Edda. (proper noun)

Examples of word ask

  • Slide 20: Keys to Success Question everything - Do not stop until you are down to causes that can be tested and attacked - Ask, "why, why, why?" until you know the fundamental element of the process that failed Ask the experts-the users of the process Get other outside help - Neutral - More objective Be patient in your pursuit
  • Sam Lipsyte's third novel, The Ask, is a dark and jaded beast — the sort of book that, if it were an animal, would be a lumbering, hairy, cryptozoological ape-man with a near-crippling case of elephantiasis.
  • Rob talked about working with Ruby in Ask Rob video number 3 and you can totally see that he adores her.
  • Ask is it theoretically possible for everyone to be above average (outside of Lake Wobegone).
  • The Ask is unquestionably funny, it's by no means essentially comic.
  • Virtual Earth can now be found on Ask Maps, Ask City, and within Ask's search results as Smart Answers.
  • Ask is new here in Abingdon, opening its doors at the beginning of September.
  • IAC owns Ask. com and the power struggle will affect Ask - will management invest in Ask as a competitor to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or milk what they can out of it as is?
  • That answer fits - Ask is excellent for general questions - the starter kind of questions when you are beginning to research a subject area on the web, or the everyday kind of question.