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What is the meaning of ask in Hindi?

Meaning of ask in Hindi is : मांगना

Definition of word ask

  • To look for an answer to a question by speaking. (verb)
  • To approach someone to do something. (verb)
  • An act or instance of asking. (noun)
  • Something asked or asked for; a request. (noun)
  • An eft; newt. (noun)
  • A lizard. (noun)

Examples of word ask

  • CofifuU y to Advife with or ask Advice of any one: To confult an Author, is the fame as to fee what is his 0« pintoo of the Matcen CarfulfMfian, (Lar J an ask'* iagor taking Counfel or Ad«
  • The word ask should be understood as a continual asking or constant request.
  • Which I suppose is as it should be, I mean if you can't refuse to do everything the label ask you to do what's the point in being in a massive pop group, right?
  • Wikipedia:Bond seeks revenge for the death of Vesper Lynddoesn't this movie and its title ask, what will Mr. Bond do for his quantum of solace?
  • Notice that the president also employed anaphora in the initial repetition of the word "ask."


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