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What is the meaning of askance in Hindi?

Meaning of askance in Hindi is : संदेह से

Definition of word askance

  • With disapproval, skepticism, or suspicion. (adverb)
  • Sideways; obliquely. (adverb)
  • Turned to the side, especially of the eyes. (adjective)

Examples of word askance

  • Compared to these inducements, the fact that people would look upon her askance was a very insignificant consideration.
  • Let me get a-- let me get a break and get Senator Warner to comment, because I noticed he -- he looked kind of askance at some of the things you were saying.
  • He pays £15 for a haircut and shave at the local barbers, looks askance at anything with a label that doesn't have Oxfam attached to it and, when asked where he got his jacket from, is proud to say "it was my grandfather's."
  • He quickly looked away, and then looked back again, as though that brief, askance glance had “cleared it.”
  • Arsenio looks askance at his own Wikipedia article.


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