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What is the meaning of aspect in Hindi?

Meaning of aspect in Hindi is : स्थिति

Definition of word aspect

  • The way something appears when viewed in a certain manner. (noun)

Examples of word aspect

  • _ To our previous formula that _beautiful_ denotes satisfaction in contemplating an aspect, we can now add that an _aspect_ consists of sensations grouped together into _relations_ by our active, our remembering and foreseeing, perception.
  • _ But as to an aspect being true or false in the sense of _misleading, _ that question refers not to the _aspect_ itself, but to the thing of which the aspect is taken as a part and a sign.
  • '_From that placid aspect and meek regard, _' on the ground that; '_meek regard_ conveys no new idea to _placid aspect_.'
  • The one certain aspect is that the summits and depths reached by the adventure tourist are found in a state of magnificent and primitive valor, making the adventurer a universal traveler.
  • But the main aspect is that the Laureates’ methodology has provided the foundation for
  • Many people picked up on the acronym aspect, including a few entries who tried to use the original "OOD" acronym.