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What is the meaning of asphalting in Hindi?

Meaning of asphalting in Hindi is :

Definition of word asphalting

  • Present participle of asphalt. (verb)

Examples of word asphalting

  • Of course, in general asphalting is a great sign, although many people claim that the rainy season will wash it all away rather quickly and so we will be right back to bumpy and unreliable roads.
  • If you think about it, someone who is asphalting a road requires more food and water to provides their bodies with enough energy to complete the task.
  • Even during the war, Eritrea developed its transportation infrastructure, asphalting new roads, improving its ports, and repairing war-damaged roads and bridges.
  • When we finally got moving again, the road was having some asphalting done and so we were further delayed.
  • The three of them ended up doing a few small jobs, with the asphalting being the biggest.


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