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What is the meaning of aspirate in Hindi?

Meaning of aspirate in Hindi is : ह कार

Definition of word aspirate

  • The puff of air accompanying the release of a plosive consonant. (noun)
  • To remove a liquid or gas by means of suction. (verb)
  • aspirated (adjective)

Examples of word aspirate

  • Latin or Greek word begins with an aspirate, the English word begins with a medial; thus the Latin 'f' is found responsive to the English
  • “h,” she half-closed her eyes and drew in her breath with a semi-audible groan, as if the aspirate were a missile that had struck her.
  • -- This only added to the "bird wing" theory a new argument that all flying things must have outstretched wings, in order to fly, forgetting that the ball, which has no outstretched wings, has also the same "aspirate" movement attributed to the wings of the bird.
  • This effect is produced by the frequent repetition of a guttural aspirate which is like the sound of the
  • Secondly, as regards "hoi polloi", this is actually the correct spelling in Ancient Greek; there is an "aspirate" over the initial letter 'o' (an aspirate looks like a very small letter 'c') and this transforms the sound from an 'o' to a 'ho'.
  • Effect of inhaled nitric oxide in premature infants on tracheal aspirate and plasma nitric oxide metabolites.
  • Immunology Laboratory: tissue biopsies, body fluids, bone marrow aspirate, and peripheral blood for flow cytometry for leukemia, lymphoma, ALPS (autoimmune lymphoproliferative disorder), and DHR (chronic granulomatous disease).
  • Funnily enough, whether or not to aspirate h is a grey area in some English words (e.g. historic).
  • Earthquake in Japan More photos and interactive graphics Older people commonly aspirate saliva when they sleep.
  • Her voice high, like a child's, like it came from the back of her throat and she'd forgotten to aspirate, or lift it.