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What is the meaning of ass in Hindi?

Meaning of ass in Hindi is : मूर्ख

Definition of word ass

  • Any of several species of horse-like animals, especially Equus africanus, often domesticated and used a beast of burden. (noun)

Examples of word ass

  • [38] The story goes that a traveller who had hired an ass, having placed himself in its shadow to escape the heat of the sun, was sued by the driver, who had pretended that he had let the ass, not but its shadow; hence the Greek proverb, _to quarrel about the shade of an ass_, i.e. about nothing at all.
  • But in the first place, it is to be observed, that there seems to have been a blunder in this transaction; for according to the Hebrew idiom of the passage quoted above, the personage there spoken of, was to ride upon “an ass’ colt; ” whereas, the apostles, in order to be sure of fulfilling the prophecy, represent Jesus as riding upon an ass, and the colt, too!
  • Mr. Orton says -- "The mule, the produce of the male ass and mare, is essentially a _modified ass_: the ears are those of an ass somewhat shortened; the mane is that of the ass, erect; the tail is that of an ass; the skin and color are those of an ass somewhat modified; the legs are slender and the hoofs high, narrow and contracted, like those of an ass.
  • And leave it to A-house to come up with the term ass cleavage anyway.
  • I'd use the term ass-backwards, but those muscles need a little rest.
  • On the other hand, arresting someone just because they're a pain in the ass is a good way to meet 42 USC 1983 up close and personal.
  • You think something you pulled out of your ass is a proof?
  • Cramming your head up your ass is also doable, apparently.
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