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What is the meaning of assents in Hindi?

Meaning of assents in Hindi is :

Definition of word assents

  • Plural form of assent. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of assent. (verb)

Examples of word assents

    • It carries its own light and evidence with it, and needs no other proof: he that understands the terms assents to it for its own sake or else nothing will ever be able to prevail with him to do it.
    • Christ is no hard master, who expects to reap in assents where he has not sown in arguments.
    • The third topic concerns the assents, which is related to the things which are persuasive and attractive.
    • Rhonda challenged herself on slabs of the like she had never faced before and Craig … well he made his first assents ever and truly mastered his fears as he enjoyed some fabulous climbs.
    • The IMF staff report also said it assents to an Irish request to bring forward some of the IMF program funding in late 2012 to earlier in the year because of increased turmoil in Europe's bond markets.


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