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What is the meaning of assert in Hindi?

Meaning of assert in Hindi is : बलपूर्वक कहना

Definition of word assert

  • an assert statement; a section of source code which tests whether an expected condition is true. (noun)
  • To declare with assurance or plainly and strongly; to state positively. (verb)

Examples of word assert

    • The same goes for whenever Dick Fuld has reemerged to again assert it was the government's fault, not his, that Lehman Brothers failed.
    • Experience, we all assert, is a good thing, a necessary thing, the difference between a qualified practitioner and a tyro.
    • What you assert is not a “fact” anymore than the election of “President-elect Huckabee” in 2008 was a “fact”.
    • Global warming is, after all, global, so if what you assert is true, there ought to occasionally be a trip over, for example, the trans-Siberian railway from Vladivostok to Moscow.
    • Admitting the comparision that you assert is "unrelibale."
    • What happens with liberals, I assert, is that they then, in many cases, filter what they have learned through emotion through reason to come up with a response.
    • Would you ban them ? would you ban dangerous sport , would you , in short , assert , that the state owns your life.
    • Your background which you assert is in the law, then in catering, seems rather interesting.
    • But eventually, he suggested, television would incorporate those same enhancements into its own equipment, and television would once again assert its advantage of convenience within the home.