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What is the meaning of assertion in Hindi?

Meaning of assertion in Hindi is : स्वाग्रह

Definition of word assertion

  • The act of asserting, or that which is asserted; positive declaration or averment; affirmation; statement asserted; position advanced. (noun)

Examples of word assertion

  • The latter assertion, however, is a _mere assertion_; necessary, perhaps, for the theory of
  • While tempted, my main assertion is that one must not confuse or conflate the respective purposes of education and employment.
  • Steverino says: leo marvin: And the proof of your assertion is the great show of enthusiasm the socialist stock market is making for this Great Leap Forward by pouring its soon to be voided currency of the pre-socialist USA into shares of the soon to be worthless health insurers.
  • Tim Vaculik says: your assertion is absolutely false and anyone who has read the billunderstands this! pags2 says:
  • Hidden from the public discourse in this assertion is the fact that the content creators are actually stealing form the public by denying the public full use and enjoyment of their legally bought content.
  • The agenda determines the assertion, the assertion is the truth and only the relevant facts support the assertion.
  • This assertion is actually an accurate attack ON conservatives, rather than a conservative talking point.
  • Please show some examples which proves (or at least suggests) your assertion is accurate.
  • Since the assertion is that science cannot detect the influence, this makes the position entirely compatible with the scientific observation that there's no evidence for God as well as the scientific conclusion that there is no God.