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What is the meaning of assess in Hindi?

Meaning of assess in Hindi is : मोल ठहराना

Definition of word assess

  • To determine, estimate or judge the value of; to evaluate (verb)
    के मूल्य का निर्धारण, अनुमान या न्याय करने के लिए; मूल्यांकन करने के लिए

Examples of word assess

  • What we have got to assess is the value of the deal against the dislocation or whatever of any potential comments from the regulators.
  • The second thing they must guess/assess is their faith in you to do accomplish something of a similar magnitude to the comps, generally expressed as a percentage. posted by redbarren at 6: 27 PM
  • "The first thing you have to assess is why did you lose," he said.
  • But the first thing you have to assess is why did you lose.
  • The most difficult risk to assess is the political uncertainty, which would, of course, be aggravated by any or all of the other uncertainties.
  • - Related to the first question, to what degree does the rubric assess for specific skills and knowledge that are needed by students as they progress from this course to others?
  • In test process management, it is important to plemented into the project is efficient, effective in terms assess the effectiveness of different testing techniques, in of factors such as cost, time, and the number of bugs that terms of their ability to expose errors and also the size of can be detected.
  • Issuing the security advisory is Step 3, called assess and stabilize, where "the engineering team investigates and develops the solution, while the communications team reaches out to provide guidance to customers and partners."
  • Then assess, which is "best". so, do you know any software can convert to a good MPEG2 file, the best converter