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What is the meaning of asseverate in Hindi?

Meaning of asseverate in Hindi is : सशपथ कहना

Definition of word asseverate

  • To declare earnestly, seriously, or positively; to affirm. (verb)

Examples of word asseverate

  • What I asseverate is, that his Excellency, having the same intercourse with his horse during his exercise, that he hath with his soldiers when training them, may form and break either to every feat of war which he chooses to practise, and accordingly that this noble charger is admirably managed.
  • I was convinced and told the Prest. so that the reprieve wd. be taken as an implied promise of pardon or commutation, however strongly he might asseverate to the contrary.
  • “And I presume you can also asseverate to his worship, that no man is better qualified than I am to bear testimony in this case, seeing that I was by you, and near you, constantly during the whole occurrence.”
  • “Upon — on — on — on my —” It was for the moment in vain that poor Mr Cradell endeavoured to asseverate his innocence, and to stake his honour upon his own purity as regarded Mrs Lupex.
  • Hugh began to asseverate that it was his business to help her through all money difficulties as well as others; but she soon stopped his eloquence.


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