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What is the meaning of assiduity in Hindi?

Meaning of assiduity in Hindi is : लगन

Definition of word assiduity

  • Great and persistent toil or effort. (noun)

Examples of word assiduity

  • The motive of this assiduity was at length revealed to me, by a violent and fervent declaration of love, which astonished and perplexed me.
  • Or maybe a nap first, since I honestly have no clue if I used "assiduity" properly above, a sure sign that I'm tired.....
  • Their battalions practised skirmishing on the glacis with that routine assiduity which is the secret of the German military success.
  • They had been filling the plates and glasses of these two ladies all the way from Calcutta; they had walked with them every day on deck, had fetched their chairs, picked up their handkerchiefs, and looked after their bottled beer at tiffin-time with an assiduity which is more than commendable in such warm latitudes.
  • In all respects unlike himself, she suffered intensely; and, though hoary with sixty winters, hovered about him, with that busy assiduity which is one of the simplest forms in which anxiety and grief are apt to show themselves.


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